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Japanese woodblock prints by Kunimasa IV

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Two very dramatic woodblock printed Japanese triptychs in the Ukiyoe manner and signed by the artist Kunimasa IV, also known as Kunisada III (1848-1920). Both sets are scenes from a kabuki play and at least two of the actors seem to appear in both triptychs.

The first one is dated 20th year of Meiji (1887). There is slight nibbling of six out of twelfe corners. There is quite a lot of embossing of the white areas of kimono, mica dusting of the blue background and burnishing of the black haft of the pole arm. There is very slight off-setting of black on the lower part of the right hand sheet white kimono.

The second one is dated the 22nd year of Meiji (1889). The impression is very good with some burnishing of the black and some silver metallic printing of the weapon blades (oxidised). All three sheets have some rounding of the corners, probably caused by rodents when in the original album form.

Size; each sheet 14 x 9.5 inches, total size per triptych: 28.5 x 14 inches.

Asking price 825 United States Dollars

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