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Whether you are in the market for that rare addition to your collection, simply shopping for something new, or browsing out of curiosity, is the ideal new source of art and antiques. makes it amazingly easy and affordable to shop the world for art and antiques. Because this service offers unique benefits to people both buying and selling rare and prestigious items, the international auction practice of sharing sales costs has been adopted.

A buyer’s premium will be charged on each purchase, but at a reduced rate of 5%. 

If you’re a serious collector, you’ll appreciate our Automated Collector service.

Simply register your interests with our website, and we’ll notify you by email when that item comes available.

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You set the parameters for Automated Collector: for example, prescribe silver, and you will be notified of all new silver listings; narrow the parameters by registering Georgian silver, and only those items will be included in your email.

You can be as specific or as general as you like. also gives you security.

Your payment is held in trust until you have received your purchase and verified its authenticity.

As well, you need not reveal your identity to anyone other than administrators.

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